Parliament 'to grapple with seven major bills' to implement Brexit

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14th March 2017

MPs and Peers will have to wrangle over seven different bills to shape the landscape of how Britain will function once it leaves the European Union, according to reports.

MPs and Peers last night completed their battle over the Article 50 bill
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A leaked document seen by the Times details new laws covering immigration, tax, agriculture, trade and customs regimes, fisheries, data protection and sanctions.

It comes after the Article 50 bill allowing Theresa May to trigger Brexit was finally passed last night after the Commons rejected amendments from peers on the rights of EU nationals and the question of a 'meaningful vote' on the final deal. 

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It is expected to receive royal assent today with reports the Prime Minister will set Brexit talks in motion during the final week of March.

The list seen by the Times shows seven bills are being prepared, while a further six may also be necessary to cover areas such as EU migrant benefits and safeguards for the nuclear industry.

Meanwhile an overarching ‘great repeal bill’ will scrap the European Communities Act 1972 and embed existing EU laws into UK domestic laws.

But sources told the paper Downing Street was concerned about a protracted battle over all the new legislation due to be passed and was urging departments to simplify the plans.

“There is a degree of pushback about [the length of the list],” one said.

“The list is still accurate, but efforts are being made to see what can be done to adopt the current position and replicate EU structures in Britain.”