Theresa May will 'lock key Brexit pledges' into Tory manifesto

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20th April 2017

Theresa May is set to enshrine three key Brexit pledges in the Conservative manifesto in a bid to silence critics in her party and stifle potential opposition from the House of Lords, it has been reported.

Theresa May will seek to assert her authority over Brexit through the Tory manifesto
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Ending free movement, quitting the Single Market and withdrawing from the European Court of Justice will be written into the Tory election plan ahead of 8 June, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Prime Minister is mulling another major U-turn and could compromise on the way student migrant numbers are recorded.

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The manifesto plan is a bid to “lock in” Tory remain campaigners who will be forced to sign up to the package, the Mail reports.

A source told the paper: “All Conservative candidates will have to stand on the manifesto – it will lock them in and provide a much stronger mandate.”

The source added: “It will also send a message to the House of Lords that they cannot get in the way.”

If the pledges are included in the manifesto, parliamentary convention prevents members of the upper chamber blocking them – although they could be delayed for a year.


Meanwhile, The Times says ministers are likely to offer a “regulatory compromise” in the way overseas students are recorded in the official migration figures.

Mrs May has so far rebuffed suggestions students should not be included in the stats – putting her at odds with some of her top Cabinet colleagues.

But the paper says she could allow a Lords amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill which would drop students from the figures to remain in the legislation.

Elsewhere, there is speculation Mrs May could drop key David Cameron policies from the new Tory manifesto – including spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid and the so-called ‘triple lock’ on pensions.