Gina Miller hits back at 'hatred and anger' from online trolls

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4th November 2016

The businesswoman whose court action led to three judges ruling that MPs must authorise the start of the Brexit process has spoken of the “hatred and anger” she has faced on social media.

Gina Miller spoke outside the High Court following the ruling
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Gina Miller was bombarded with rape and death threats from abusive trolls following the ruling, with one Facebook user commenting “I hope she gets shot”, while another said “she should be hung as a traitor to democracy”.

The Guyana-born investment banker was also subject to a stream of racist abuse, with comments such as “why doesn't she f*** off back where she came from”, while another added “we've had enough foreigners telling UK what to do gina miller [sic].” 

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The campaigner today pinned the blame for the angry reaction on “irresponsible” Ukip leader Nigel Farage and the tabloid media.

"Yes there has been a deluge of hatred and anger but this is because people were lied to in respect to the EU referendum, and because irresponsible figures like Farage and tabloid media who lack any understanding of parliamentary democracy and the rule of law that is the bedrock of our civil society", she told the International Business Times.

Ms Miller was praised by others, with one Twitter user saying "Not all heroes wear capes", while another compared her to “Wonderwoman”.

Speaking about the support she received she said: "The heartbreaking stories of despair, regret and abuse strengthen my resolve that we have to bring sanity, honesty and reason to this debate so we move forward with love and compassion."

In a separate interview with The Guardian, she said: "I've stood up and made myself very unpopular. But it's not about being unpopular, it's about doing the right thing."

Explaining her reason for launching the high court action, Ms Miller added: “I tend to stand up and speak up when I see something dysfunctional happening.

“I simply couldn’t keep going to bed every night thinking, well what does [the Brexit vote] mean for my children, what does this mean for the future, what does it mean for everyone?

“Knowing that there was no plan in place, and knowing that we were really facing a treacherous future ... I just felt I had no other alternative.”