Majority of Scots still favour staying in the UK despite Brexit vote

Posted On: 
29th July 2016

The majority of Scots still support remaining in the United Kingdom despite the vote to leave the EU, new polling suggests. 

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh earlier this month

A survey conducted last week shows little change between before and after the Brexit vote, with 45% of voters saying they would back staying in the UK, against 40% who favour independence.

Pollsters YouGov also found that a clear majority of Scots (46%) said they would prefer that Scotland stayed in a post-Brexit UK than become an independent nation but with EU membership (37%).

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One in six voters (17%) said they did not know which outcome they would prefer.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and other senior SNP figures made clear before the vote to leave the EU that the UK exiting would be a trigger for a second vote on independence.

She has already held talks with European officials about Scotland’s future, while there have also been suggestions the Scottish Government could hold a veto on when the UK triggers Article 50 to leave the bloc.

Theresa May has made clear she favours an agreed “UK approach” to Brexit which takes into account the wishes of the devolved administrations, as well as those of London mayor Sadiq Khan.

The Prime Minister has stressed her strong personal commitment to keeping the union intact, a point she emphasised by visiting Scotland just days into her premiership.