Nick Clegg writes a book on political survival

Posted On: 
12th November 2015

After winning the hearts of the British electorate, Nick Clegg sets out to sweep the literary world off its feet. 

Nick Clegg reads a book to children

Nick Clegg is writing a book. On surviving in politics. No laughing at the back.  

The details of the former DPM’s story, which will be published by The Bodley Head next year, have been released.

It’s going to be called ‘
Politics: the Art of the Possible in an Age of Unreason’ and will use his experience of the Coalition to examine the “fluid and unpredictable state of politics, which has seen old certainties disappear, outsider figures become mainstream, and nationalism, populism and identity politics rise up at home and abroad”.

The press release euphemistically notes Clegg’s own vivid experience of this unpredictability.

“More so than any other political figure, Nick Clegg has seen the volatile state of modern politics up close and personally, from his spectacular rise to national prominence at the 2010 General Election to his tumultuous experience in Government and defeat in 2015.”

Clegg says he will be reflecting on “how the politics of reason, evidence and compromise can survive at a time when grievance and unreasoned populism are on the march at home and abroad” - knowledge which some in the Liberal Democrats may wish he had shared before May.