Labour MP fury at Star Wars gift: 'I can't stand C3-PO'

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10th December 2015

An outraged Labour MP has hit out at C3-PO after Sky TV sent him a Star Wars-themed remote control.

Jamie Reed ranted that he "can't stand" the risk-averse android, and would have preferred the human bounty-hunter Boba Fett remote. 

The satellite TV firm has launched a range of the gadgets decorated with characters from the franchise such as Princess Leia, Yoda and the famously neurotic C3-PO.

Such a thrill has nothing to do with the fact Sky is launching a new Star Wars-only channel, or the fact Sky’s Rupert Murdoch owns 20th Century Fox, which holds the rights to the first three films, of course.



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Mr Reed tweeted a picture of his new asset fresh out the box this morning, shortly before his ecstatic joy turned to abject rage.