The ABB responds to the DCMS 12-week consultation on stake reduction to better protect consumers and communities

Posted On: 
31st October 2017

The Association of British Bookmakers responds to the DCMS consultation which it says "sets out a number of proposals" and that it will "consider and respond to".

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Today’s consultation sets out a number of proposals which we will consider and respond to. 

We believe the focus of any final decision should be to ensure measures are adopted that will be of genuine benefit to problem gamblers.

Betting shops cater for over 6 million customers every year and the vast majority of them gamble responsibly.

We know that most problem gamblers use 7 or more different types of gambling products, therefore there is a challenge for the whole gambling industry to move from a position where there is a stable level of problem gambling in this country to one where problem gambling rates are decreasing.

Betting shops are investing very significant sums of money to help identify those at risk so that they get the help that they need, we are continually updating and working to improve responsible gambling measures.