Anna Soubry blasts 'delusional' Liam Fox over Brexit hopes

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30th September 2016

A former Tory minister today branded International Trade Secretary Liam Fox “almost delusional” for thinking the UK could get a better deal from the EU after Brexit.

Former minister Anna Soubry has fired a broadside at Brexiteer Liam Fox
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Ex-business minister Anna Soubry also called on Theresa May to come up with a "plan" for the UK's exit from the EU.

Dr Fox - one of the so-called 'Three Brexiteers alongside fellow Cabinet members Boris Johnson and David Davis - yesterday predicted the UK’s trade with the EU would be “at least as free” after Brexit as it is currently.

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But Ms Soubry, who campaigned for Remain ahead of the referendum in June, blasted the suggestion as “nonsense”.

“I think my concern at the moment is that from government all we’re hearing from is people like Liam Fox, who are talking in a way which at times concerns me as almost delusional,” she told the BBC’s Daily Politics.

“I mean the idea we’re going to get a better deal from Europe is nonsense.”

Elsewhere Ms Soubry called on Prime Minister Theresa May to stop relying on her ministers and step forward to lay out exactly what Brexit will mean for the UK.

“We need a plan, we need to know what the guiding principles are,” she insisted.

“I do think that Theresa May needs to play her part in that. She is the first minister; she is the Prime Minister.

“It’s for her not to rely on Boris, Liam and David. She has to come forward and she has to tell us what those guiding principles, what the plan, is.”

Asked yesterday if he was concerned about new tariffs on UK trade with EU states after Brexit, Dr Fox said: "Who does it harm more if we end up in a new tariff environment? Does it harm more those who sell more to the UK, or the UK?

“It's in everybody's interests that, as we move forward, that we have at least as free a trading environment as we have today."