Vote Brexit and watch the cost of ice cream rise, Unilever boss says

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8th June 2016

Ice cream will become more expensive if the UK leaves the European Union, according to the boss of food giant Unilever. 

Brexit campaigners Boris Johnson and Gisela Stuart are yet to speak out about the impact of leaving the EU on frozen dairy products
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Paul Polman, the chief executive of the Anglo-Dutch company, said tariffs would be imposed on dairy produce if Britain was outside the single market.

He cited the example of the Magnum, a range of chocolate or nutty frozen treats sold by Wall’s, a Unilever subsidiary.

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Mr Polman told Channel 4 News: “You would have import duties on dairy, anybody from outside the EU has import duties that could be up to 40%, 50% so the price of dairy products will go up, the price of ice cream will go up. And ultimately, the consumer will pay the price for that.”

He went on to argue the option of leaving the EU was “ludicrous” and that Brexit would “undoubtedly put jobs at risk” in the UK.