David Cameron on BBC: Tories will outstrip job creation forecasts again

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31st March 2015

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, David Cameron set out how the Conservatives intended to create two million more jobs over the course of the next parliament.

David Cameron on BBC Breakfast, 31/03/15

“They’re going to come from successful British businesses, large and small, that are expanding because we’ve got a long-term economic plan that’s working. Over the last five years, we’ve created 1,000 jobs a day and we commit to continuing that record because we’re going to continue supporting business and industry, continuing to make our country an attractive one to invest in and so we believe we can create those 1,000 jobs. And of course, that’s not just a statistic; that is 1,000 people every day with the chance of a pay packet, with the security and dignity of work, being able to provide for their families and that’s what our plan is delivering.”

The Prime Minister said the Conservativ...