David Cameron: I would like to get rid of tampon tax

Posted On: 
22nd April 2015

David Cameron has said he is frustrated that the UK is unable to remove VAT from sanitary products. 

Mr Cameron was quizzed on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat live show on the so-called ‘tampon tax’, which currently stands at 5%.

The Prime Minister said control over the VAT was set at EU level.



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He said: “I wish we could get rid of this… There’s a problem with getting rid of VAT on certain individual issues because of the way this tax is regulated and set in Europe.”

He added that he found the situation “frustrating” and said he would “like to” get rid of it.

Ukip has announced that it would remove the ‘tampon tax’ after the UK left the EU, while Ed Miliband described the situation as “ridiculous” and said he would “like to go further”.