Labour launches 'no extra borrowing' manifesto

Posted On: 
13th April 2015

Labour will seek to convince voters that it can be trusted with the public finances, as it launches its election manifesto in Manchester today. 

The first page of the document will state that none of the policies in the manifesto requires additional borrowing, and that Labour would “cut the deficit every year”.

“We will get national debt falling and a surplus on the current budget as soon as possible in the next parliament,” the document says.



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When he launches the manifesto, Ed Miliband will say it is not a “shopping list of spending policies” and will prove Labour is “not only the party of change but the party of responsibility too”.

The manifesto also says it will legislate to have the Office for Budget Responsibility audit every party’s manifesto.

Tory Minister David Gauke said Mr Miliband had “no plan to clear the deficit”, while Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg challenged Labour to “name the date” when it will have eliminated the deficit.

Speaking to ITV this morning, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls pledged that Labour would not row back on its fiscal commitments in any post-election negotiations: “We will compromise that with no one.”