Natalie Bennett: Increase top rate of tax to reduce inequality

Posted On: 
12th April 2015

The Greens would increase the top rate of tax to 60p to force high earners to “pay back” to society, Natalie Bennett has said.

The Green leader said the rate, which would apply to those earning £150,000 per year or more, would raise “about £2bn”, but that the revenue was not the main goal of the policy.

“The big focus for that is the fact of the inequality in our society, which is a huge and rising problem,” Ms Bennett told the Andrew Marr Show.



Natalie Bennett on Marr: 60p tax rate would raise £2bn

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“What the 60p is for is really to identify the fact that some people are taking too much out of our society; they need to pay back. In the Green party, we’re calling for a ten-to-one ratio between the top-paid and lowest-paid person in an organisation.”

The policy will be included in the party’s manifesto, which will be published this week.

Ms Bennett has also given an interview to the Independent on Sunday in which she says the Greens are aiming to win 12 seats at the general election.

She was also defiant when asked about her future, saying she would remain leader of the Greens regardless of the outcome on polling day.

Ms Bennett said: “I was elected for two years last September and that’s what I’m planning to serve. I was elected unopposed then and I’m planning to serve the [full] term.”