David Cameron: Tories will not undermine disability benefits

Posted On: 
31st March 2015

David Cameron has signalled the Conservatives will protect disabled claimants from welfare cuts in the next parliament. 

The Tories have committed to reducing the welfare bill by £12bn, but has so far set out only where a quarter of that figure would be saved.

Documents leaked to the BBC found that Department for Work and Pensions officials had been looking at the option of taxing the Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment and Attendance Allowance.



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But the Prime Minister said the Tories would not “undermine” the PIP, which was introduced under the Coalition.

“What we’ve done through this parliament is we’ve actually improved the money that goes to the most disabled people in our country,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“We’ve replaced one benefit – Disability Living Allowance – with a new benefit – Personal Independence Payment – it’s working well, it is also going to lead to some savings over time and we haven’t created that benefit in order to undermine it. We want to enhance it and safeguard it.”

Mr Cameron suggested instead that the cuts were likely to fall on working-age benefits.  

“As we look to find those welfare savings, we should apply some very clear principles: one, that work should always pay; two, that the most disabled should always be protected, we look after those in need; and third, people who have paid into the system and look forward to a dignified retirement, we should look after them too, as we’ve done.”