Employment tribunal fees were a 'very bad move' - Vince Cable

Posted On: 
30th April 2015

Fees for employment tribunals have hit women the hardest and it was a mistake to introduce them, according to Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable.

The government brought in employment tribunal fees of up to £1,200 two years ago.

Subsequent claims fell by nearly 70% in the first three months of the 2013-14 financial year, with sex discrimination claims down 82% over the same period, Mr Cable told the Independent.



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“There is enough evidence to suggest that this was a very bad move and should be reversed,” he said.

He also argued the fees were an example of the Conservatives' “aggressively anti-worker, anti-union agenda”, and accused Justice Secretary Chris Grayling of “remarkable bad faith” for failing to carry out a review after their introduction.