Cameron pledges 'intensive action' on Neets

Posted On: 
17th February 2015

Young people who are not in education, employment or training will do community work as soon as they start claiming benefits, David Cameron pledged today.

The Prime Minister unveiled the Community Work Programme, which would see 18 to 21-year-olds working 30 hours a week and spending 10 hours looking for a job.

Mr Cameron 
said "intensive action” was needed to “get rid of that well-worn path from the school gate, down to the job centre”.

“What these young people need is work experience and the order and discipline of turning up for work each day,” he told an audience in Hove.

"If they have drifted into a life of inactivity, then it’s pretty clear what these young people need. They need work experience. They need the order and discipline of turning up for work each day."

The Liberal Democrats have criticised the plan, which they say is "not designed to help someone into work, more to punish".

“It's all stick and no carrot",
a spokesperson said. "Young people should be given help and support into the work place, help at job centres, and the opportunity to get on in life, not just written off as feckless and lazy."