Theresa May warns universities on foreign students

Posted On: 
6th October 2015

Theresa May has ordered universities to kick out foreign students who stay in Britain after their visas run out.

Addressing the Conservative conference in Manchester, Ms May said: "We welcome students coming to study.  But the fact is, too many of them are not returning home as soon as their visa runs out.

"If they have a graduate job, that is fine.  If not, they must return home.

"So I don’t care what the university lobbyists say - the rules must be enforced. Students, yes; over-stayers, no. And the universities must make this happen."

However, Ms May made no mention of whether foreign students should be included in the official immigration statistics.

Big-hitters like George Osborne, Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond believe they should not, while Ms May has previously insisted that they should.

The Home Secretary's decision not to include it in her speech will lead some to believe she is softening her stance as she struggles to bring down net migration to the tens of thousands.