Headteachers attack grammar plans in open letter

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8th November 2016

Every secondary school headteacher in a local council area has signed an “unprecedented” open letter to Theresa May calling on her to scrap plans to create a new generation of grammar schools.

Head teachers say the governments plans focus attention away from the real problems
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The Surrey heads have laid out their “vehement opposition” to the scheme, which they have say has amounted to confusion, when 95% of pupils in Surrey are already at good or outstanding schools.

They argue that pupils from poorer backgrounds are under-represented in grammars and that there is no evidence of any positive impact on social mobility.

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"It is impossible to have grammar schools without secondary modern schools or their equivalent," the letter says.

The heads also warn against "continuing funding cuts, an unassuaged and escalating recruitment crisis", which they say are the main problems facing schools.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: "Grammar schools have a track record of closing the attainment gap between children on free school meals and their better-off classmates and 99% of grammar schools are rated good or outstanding.

"We want all children, whatever their background, to have access to an education that will unlock their talents. That's why we will scrap the ban on new grammar schools and make more good school places available, to more parents, in more parts of the country."