Households could get share of fracking cash

Posted On: 
7th August 2016

Households in areas affected by fracking could be paid thousands of pounds, the Government has suggested.

The Government will outline its fracking plans in a consultation tomorrow

There is currently a shale wealth fund, set up in 2014, which channels 10% of the proceeds of shale gas projects to the affected communities.

But Theresa May is apparently considering changing the payments so they go straight to individuals' bank accounts, rather than to councils and local trusts.

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The plans will be outlined in a consultation tomorrow, with the BBC reporting that households could be in line for as much as £10,000 each. 

"It's about making sure people personally benefit from economic decisions that are taken - not just councils - and putting them back in control over their lives," the Prime Minister said in a statement ahead of the consultation.

However the projects are still likely to meet with fierce opposition from environmental campaigners, who claim it can cause serious pollution, as well as causing small earthquakers in some cases.