Government 'must' do more to shrink household bills - Energy Committee

Posted On: 
12th March 2016

A report by the Energy and Climate Change Committee has urged the Government to improve energy efficiency in order to cut gas and electricity bills

The report suggests bringing back the zero carbon homes policy, which requires new homes to offset all on-site carbon emissions. This policy had been scrapped after the 2015 general election.

Committee chairman Angus MacNeil said: “Investing in warmer and more energy efficient homes is a ‘win win’. For consumers it will mean lower energy bills and warmer homes that are more comfortable to live in."



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He added: “As a country we can increase our energy security, cut the UK’s contribution to climate change and reduce costs by not unnecessarily generating more energy than we need.”

“We need to ensure all new houses are super insulated and fit for the future by reintroducing a zero carbon homes policy."

Mr MacNeil said the UK has “some of the most inefficient and heat-leaking housing in the world”.

As a result, the UK should consider make improved energy efficiency a “national infrastructure priority,” the report says.

The committee's proposed solution involves a combination of "regulations, subsidy programmes, obligations, targeted grants and long term structural incentives".