Second EU referendum would reverse Brexit vote – poll

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12th January 2018

A fresh vote on whether Britain should quit the EU would see the result of the 2016 referendum overturned, a new poll has suggested.

Britain voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU in 2016.
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The ComRes survey shows that if there were a second referendum, 55% would vote to remain in the EU and 45% to leave – compared to the 52% to 48% in favour of Brexit last time round.

The findings came after Nigel Farage shocked many by suggesting another Brexit vote be held - which he argued could silence hardcore pro-Remain voices such as Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis “for a generation”.

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"The percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round," he said yesterday.

The ex-Ukip leader later insisted however that a second EU referendum is "the last thing" he wants but expressed his belief it will be "forced upon" voters.

The poll, carried out for the Daily Mirror, shows just 43% of the public are in favour of a re-run of June 2016's vote, while 51% are opposed.

Among those who backed Brexit in the findings, 95% are against a second referendum, while 77% of remain voters are in favour.

Meanwhile among Labour voters 64% are in favour of a second referendum with 31% against.

By contrast only 18% of Tory voters want a second poll with 79% against.

Downing Street has reiterated its position that there will not be another vote on whether Britain leaves the bloc.

However in unwelcome news for Theresa May the poll also found 65% are not confident the Prime Minister can secure a good Brexit deal, with only 30% very or fairly confident.