WATCH: Jean-Claude Juncker appears to mock Theresa May's Tory conference dance

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8th October 2018

Brussels officials have been forced to deny Jean-Claude Juncker was mocking Theresa May after he started dancing on stage ahead of a speech.

Jean-Claude Juncker with Theresa May in Brussels.
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The European Commission president was preparing to address the Committee of the Regions when he appeared to mimic the Prime Minister's routine before her speech to last week's Tory conference.

Mrs May stunned delegates when she came on stage to the Abba song Dancing Queen, before proceeding to dance her way to the podium.

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It was a reference to a recent trip to Africa, during which she was mocked after being filmed trying to dance with local people.

In Brussels this morning, Mr Juncker was about to begin his speech when music began to play on the speakers in the room. To laughter from the audience, he then began to dance.

His spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, was forced to deny Mr Juncker had meant any offence, but could not resist using an ABBA lyric as well.

He tweeted: "Without a song or a dance what would our life be?

"Not directed at anyone, improvisation on the moment as the music kept playing before he could start his speech. Great respect for Theresa May repeatedly stated in public and demonstrated in practice."

Leading Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested Mr Juncker was the Prime Minister's "tribute act".

The incident comes after European Council president Donald Tusk poked fun at Mrs May by posting an Instagram picture which showed him offering her a cake with the caption "sorry, no cherries".

Mrs May has previously said it is time for the EU to show the UK "respect" in the Brexit negotiations.