Stuart Rose: Immigration is not going to go away if we leave EU

Posted On: 
25th January 2016

Britain Stronger In Europe chief, Sir Stuart Rose, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme immigration would not cease if Britain left the European Union.

"We are trying to concentrate on the facts... we are trying to give hard facts to the UK population. Migration is hard facts but migration is one of the great things that is happening in the world today. It's an event or it is a phenomenon worldwide which is not just a UK issue, it's a worldwide issue. Politicians are going to have to grapple with that. Immigration isn't going to go away if we were outside the EU. This is something we have got to deal with. Its a crisis, it's a European crisis and it's a world crisis. And it's a terrifying crisis."

He argued the EU immigration system was a "quid pro quo" for the UK.

"We do decide, effectively [who enters UK], because we are not part of the Schengen ...