Clive Lewis: I would think about taking Shadow Defence Sec if Corbyn was desperate

Posted On: 
4th January 2016

Speaking to the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show, ShadowEnergy Minister Clive Lewis did not rule out becoming Shadow Defence Secretary in a Labour reshuffle, but said he would not want to do it.

"This was dropped on me from a great height - five minutes before. You know, ‘here you are, take this’. I haven’t been spoken to by anyone, so I think it’s complete speculation. No I wouldn’t [want to do it] - I have been an MP for eight months and I’m already on the shadow frontbench. And it’s a steep learning curve, being an MP; an even steeper learning curve being on the shadow frontbench. To be on the Cabinet it’s another league altogether. So I think I want to pace myself, like most people who come into parliament. And that’s my honest opinion. If Jeremy Corbyn offered me that and said ‘I need this, I need you to do it, this is essential that you do it,’ I would have to think about it. B...