Alistair Burt: UK must focus on causes of Syrian conflict, not refugees

Posted On: 
9th December 2014

Alistair Burt said the UK’s programme to accept some refugees from the Syrian war could be “more generous”, but stressed the need to solve the underlying issues from the conflict.

“We are still doing the right thing. There is no other individual country in the world beyond the United States that is doing more than we are doing in terms of supporting people overseas... We cannot end this refugee crisis by bringing everyone to the UK, but can we be more generous? Yes, but 10,000 out of 3.5 million is still a relatively small number. In a sense we’re dancing on the head of a pin.


“This is a terrible crisis. The United Kingdom has responded extraordinarily well; I think this scheme will expand to take more of the most vulnerable, and the combination of doing that in the United Kingdom and looking after people overseas – as we’re doing remarkably – is the best thing....