Jeremy Corbyn defends anti-Trident march attendance

Posted On: 
28th February 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has hit back at those who criticised his attendance at an anti-Trident demonstration yesterday.

Mr Corbyn addressed the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s rally in London alongside SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Green MP Caroline Lucas, and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood.

Referring to criticism from Labour MPs of his attendance, he said: “A lot of people said that maybe it was utterly irrelevant maybe you shouldn’t be there, but I want to be here because of my belief in a nuclear-free future.”



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Labour is currently rethinking its stance on nuclear weapons as part of a wider defence policy review, but officially the party is still in favour.

Labour MP John Woodcock said ahead of the rally: “Jeremy's choice to speak at the CND rally just ensures another weekend of public focus on Labour's divisions over a policy that can't change when we should be holding the Government to account and making the case to remain in the European Union."

Labour figures have also criticised the CND for a briefing on its website which seemed to compare Trident to gas chambers.

“While no technology is ever ‘uninvented’, we regularly see an end to use or production, particularly where a technology is outlawed for humanitarian or legal reasons, such as the gas chambers of the Second World War,” it read.

Lord West, former security minister and head of the Navy, told the Sunday Times:”To try to pretend that trying to defend yourself from the threat of a particularly horrible weapon is the same as actually herding innocent people into a room and killing them in a horrible way, I’m afraid that is just stupid and it is offensive.”