Nato officials 'raising concerns' about Jeremy Corbyn

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14th February 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party is causing "a great deal of nervousness" among Nato officials, according to a former Labour defence secretary who once headed the alliance.

Lord Robertson, who served as Nato's secretary general between 1999 and 2003, said the anxiety over Mr Corbyn's position on nuclear weapons was mainly "coming from the Americans", with some other countries raising concerns too.

“The UK is one of the major powers in Nato – its deterrent is part and parcel of the Nato deterrent. The questioning that’s going on about renewing the submarines – there’s a great deal of nervousness around and it’s perfectly understandable," he told the Independent on Sunday.



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His claims were backed up by Labour MP Madeleine Moon, who said Nato officials had raised Mr Corbyn's opposition to renewing the Trident weapons system. 

“I was in Washington for a Nato conference. So many delegates wanted to speak to me about the Labour Party and the stance we are taking on Nato and Trident," the Bridgend MP said.

"They were very, very anxious. The conversations we are having here are about UK weapons, but we fight in an alliance so they are also alliance weapons." 

Ms Moon made headlines earlier this week after she tweeted that she wanted to go to a "darkened room" after a fractious meeting of the parliamentary Labour party at which Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry compared the Trident system to Spitfire fighter planes.