Ken Livingstone condemned for Blair 7/7 comments

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27th November 2015

Ken Livingstone has sparked a fresh Labour row after he blamed Tony Blair for the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London.

Angry MPs hit back at the former London Mayor, who also said those behind the bombings - which killed 52 and left 700 injured - had "given their lives ... in protest" at the Iraq War.

Labour also moved to distance themselves from Mr Livingstone, who is co-chair of the party's defence policy review.



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Appearing on the BBC's Question Time, Mr Livingstone said: "I remember when Tony Blair was told by the security services ‘If you go into Iraq, we will be a target for terrorism’.

“And he ignored that advice and it killed 52 Londoners.”

He added: "Go to what they put on their website. The did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq. They gave their lives. They did what they believed in protest at our invasion of Iraq."

Several Labour MPs took to Twitter to hit out at Mr Livingstone, who was recently appointed co-chair of the party's defence policy review.

Others praised comedian and former Tony Blair adviser Matt Forde, who was also on the Question Time panel and who challenged Mr Livingstone's remarks.

A Labour spokesman said: "Ken Livingstone’s comments do not represent the views of the Labour party."

A spokesman for David Cameron said this morning: "That's for the former mayor of London to justify his comments. It almost goes without saying that the Prime Minister doesn't agree."

The row comes just a week after Mr Livingstone was forced to apologise for saying a Labour frontbencher with a history of depression should "seek psychiatric help"​.

Shadow defence minister Kevan Jones had questioned Mr Livingstone's controversial appointment to co-chair Labour's defence review.