Labour tells Stop the War it will be consulted on Syria action

Posted On: 
3rd November 2015

Labour has told the Stop the War Coalition it will be consulted before the party decides on its position on airstrikes in Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Government has signalled that a vote on extending military action against so-called Islamic State targets could be forthcoming.

Downing Street has denied reports this morning that it has scrapped plans to ask MPs to authorise such a move.

Speaking at a Stop the War event last night, Catherine West, a Shadow Foreign Office Minister, said: “Obviously, if that proposal does come forward, then we will need to speak to you and talk to you about what your view on that is.”

A Labour spokesman later said, according to the Press Association: “Labour would, of course, listen to representations from the Stop the War Coalition, as it would from other external bodies, before coming to any decision."

Jeremy Corbyn stood down as chairman of Stop the War after becoming Labour leader in September.

The group describes itself as a pressure group opposing British action in conflict, but it has raised controversy in the past on a number of issues.