Jeremy Corbyn 'could commit' to Nato defence spending target

Posted On: 
18th October 2015

Jeremy Corbyn could U-turn on his desire to scrap the commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence, according to a report.

The spending target recommended by Nato was upheld by the Government at the summer Budget.

Mr Corbyn was previously against the plan, but sources have told the Independent committing to the 2% target could improve his profile over defence.

The Conservatives have argued the Labour leader is a "threat to Britain's national security" since he is anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons.

Sources also told the paper committing to the 2% target could free Mr Corbyn to campaign to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent.

“The 2% commitment is a serious option – it’s not nailed down, but it is serious,” a Shadow Cabinet source said.

“It is also not necessarily the unanimous view of the military to spend all that money on Trident.”

Another source close to Mr Corbyn said: “This has had a favourable reception among those around Jeremy. People think something along these lines is a good idea.”