Russian ban on EU and US foods

Posted On: 
7th August 2014

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced a “full embargo” on food imports from the EU, US and some other Western countries, as a response to the sanctions it is facing over the Ukraine crisis.

Mr Medvedev said that the ban would include fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy imports. The ban is reported to be put in place for a year, and will begin today. Alcohol imports will not be affected.

Russian government officials have been instructed to come up with measures to stabilise commodity markets and prevent food price rises. It is thought that this decree will push costs onto Russian consumers.

“We are actually speaking of an embargo on imports of whole categories of products from countries which have introduced sanctions against Russian organisations and individuals,” Mr Medvedev said.

He also added that he hopes it will boost domestic production of goods such as meat and milk.

Russia banned EU pork at the beginning of the year as the Ukraine crisis began to escalate, which cut off around 25% of all European pig meat exports.