Jeremy Corbyn to make 'socialist case' for EU membership

Posted On: 
14th April 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will today make his first major intervention in the EU referendum debate with a speech outlining the "socialist case" for remaining in. 

The Labour leader will make his first major intervention in the EU campaign today

The Labour leader's speech later follows repeated calls from within his own party to make a more active contribution to the EU debate. 

Although Mr Corbyn has been clear that Labour is firmly in favour of an 'In' vote, he had a strongly eurosceptic voting record in his time as a backbencher and he backed pulling out of the European Economic Community in the 1975 referendum.

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He will make clear his frustrations at the EU's "shortcomings", including a lack of accountability and what he claims is the "pressure to deregulate or privatise public services".

However he will argue that the best chance to reform the bloc is from within.

"That change can only come from working with our allies in the EU. It's perfectly possible to be critical and still be convinced we need to remain a member," he will say. 

He will also stress the opportunities to improve workers' rights and environmental protections as part of a "social Europe".

"There is a strong socialist case for staying in the European Union, just as there is also a powerful socialist case for reform and progressive change in Europe," Mr Corbyn is expected to say.