Michael Gove attacks EU Remain campaign for 'treating voters like children'

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19th April 2016

EU Remain campaigners are treating voters “like children who can be frightened into obedience,” Conservative minister Michael Gove will declare today.

The Justice Secretary will attack a Treasury document warning of the consequences of leaving the EU
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At a speech in London the Brexit big gun will brand leaving the bloc a "galvanising, liberating, empowering moment of patriotic renewal".

The Justice Secretary will argue the UK would lose further controls over tax and asylum policy amid further political and financial integration if it remains in the EU.

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Mr Gove will hit out at a Treasury document released yesterday which claimed exiting the EU would leave households £4,300 worse off on average by 2030.

“The remain campaign want us to believe that Britain is beaten and broken,” Mr Gove will declare.

“It treats people like mere children, capable of being frightened into obedience by conjuring up new bogeymen every night.”

He will claim the report amounts to an admission by the Government that migration to the UK will continue to go up after it promised to reduce new entrants to tens of thousands.

“The report from the Treasury is an official admission from the in campaign that if we vote to stay in the EU then immigration will to continue to increase by hundreds of thousands year on year,” he will say.

“Over 250,000 people came to Britain from Europe last year. As long as we are in the EU we cannot control our borders and cannot develop an immigration policy which is both truly humane and in our long term economic interests.”

He will add: "If we vote to remain, the EU's bosses and bureaucrats will take that as carte blanche to continue taking more power and money away from Britain.

"We'll be told by Brussels to 'shut up and suck up'."


Meanwhile, Education Secretary and Remain campaigner Nicky Morgan has warned Tories against going to war over Europe.

“We need to step back from the brink and take a long hard look at ourselves," she said, according to the Times.

"Yes, let’s debate our EU membership but let’s keep that debate on the issues and, above all, let’s not undermine the work that this government is doing to deliver real social justice.”


Elsewhere, a new poll has found the Remain camp 10-points ahead of the Leave campaign.

The ORB survey for the Telegraph found 52% of respondents would back staying in the EU, with Leave backers down five points from the previous poll at 43%.

Election strategist Lynton Crosby, who was credited with masterminding the Tories' election victory, said the numbers present “a challenging set of circumstances for the Leave campaign”.

“Not only have they lost some of the advantage from more Outers being motivated to turnout that was benefiting them, but the overall proportion of the British public who support the Leave case has also fallen.”