Chilcot to deliver 'brutal' verdict on Tony Blair and Jack Straw

Posted On: 
22nd May 2016

Sir John Chilcot's report on the Iraq war will deliver a "brutal" verdict on Tony Blair and Jack Straw's involvement, according to reports. 


The long-delayed repot from the Iraq Inquiry will be published on 6 July, it was announced earlier this month. 

According to an unnamed former minister, the report will tear into senior politicians over both the build-up to the war and the post-invasion management. 

The former head of MI5, Sir Richard Dearlove, will also come in for heavy criticism for failing to prevent Downing St putting a "gloss" on the intelligence case for invading, a source has told the Sunday Times. 

“It will be absolutely brutal for Straw. The build-up to war is very crucial. It will damage the reputations of a number of people, Richard Dearlove as well as Tony Blair and others. 

"But there is a second half. The report will say that we really did make a mess of the after­math.”

Former foreign secretary Mr Straw is set for criticism over sending "inexperienced" staff to manage the transition after the fall of Saddam Hussein. 

The source also claimed the British army's commanders in southern Iraq would be attacked over "mistakes" which led to British troops having to be "rescued by the Americans".