Theresa May discusses ‘importance of Nato’ with Donald Trump

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30th November 2016

Theresa May and President-Elect Donald Trump discussed the “importance” of Nato during their second phone call since the US election.

Theresa May and Donald Trump will meet before the end of the year
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The Prime Minister agreed with the Republican to stay in “close touch” as he prepares to enter the White House in January next year.

During their talk the Tory leader and Mr Trump agreed the need for more Nato members to commit to the military alliance's target of spending 2% of GDP on defence.

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A Downing Street spokesperson also revealed that Mrs May will travel to the United States to meet Mr Trump before the end of the year.

US and UK security officials will also convene during the visit.

Yesterday’s conversation marked the first time the pair had spoken since the President-Elect backed former Ukip leader Nigel Farage to become the UK’s ambassador to the US.

“The Prime Minister called the US President-elect this afternoon as part of establishing a regular dialogue between both of them,” the spokesperson said.

“They discussed how the President-elect’s transition plans were progressing and agreed that their teams should continue to build close relationships through this period, including with a meeting of their national security advisers in the United States before Christmas.

“They discussed Nato, agreeing on the importance of the alliance, the need for more Nato members to meet the target of spending 2 per cent of GDP, and the role that Nato can play in addressing diverse threats.

“They agreed to stay in close touch and to meet at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Mr Trump sparked unease during the presidential campaign when he said the US might not necessarily intervene on behalf of other Nato states unless they "fulfil their obligations" in terms of defence spending. 

Mrs May was the tenth world leader to be contacted by Mr Trump after his election victory earlier this month.

Since then, Mr Farage visited Trump Tower in New York to become the first British politician to meet the President-Elect.