Boris Johnson calls Corbyn terror speech 'absolutely monstrous'

Posted On: 
26th May 2017

Boris Johnson has weighed into the debate about Jeremy Corbyn's speech on terrorism today, accusing the Labour leader of an "absolutely monstrous" intervention.

Boris Johnson speaking this afternoon

The Foreign Secretary was the most senior Tory figure to comment on the speech, following a full-blooded denunciation from Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

His comments came in the wake of a major speech in which the Labour leader said the war on terror had failed and pledged to pursue a different approach if he wins the election.

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Mr Corbyn said several experts had "pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home".

That prompted a furious reaction from Mr Johnson, who made his feelings clear to reporters at a joint press conference with his US counterpart Rex Tillerson.

"I find it absolutely extraordinary and inexplicable in this week of all weeks that there should be any attempt to justify or to legitimate the actions of terrorists in this way," he said.

"Now is not the time to do anything to subtract from the fundamental responsibility of those individuals, that individual in particular who committed this atrocity and I think it is absolutely monstrous that anybody should seek to do so."

His comments echoed those of Mr Fallon, who described the Labour leader as "weak, weak, weak" on defence and counter-terrorism.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd stepped up the Conservative assault on Mr Corbyn. She said: "Look at 9/11, look at countries like Sweden and Finland that have also been victims of attacks, nobody could say that their foreign policy is connected in any way to the sort of events you’re talking about in terms of activities in Iraq."


And Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron hit out at Mr Corbyn, telling Sky News: "The reality is 9/11 happened before the war on terror began and what we must remember is these evil people will find any recruiting sergeant, any excuse to exercise their evil activities.

"This is a moment where it may be tempting for politicians to point the finger at one another about the events that happened on Monday but this is a time for our country to stand together and to come together."