Number 10 Lobby briefing on EU nationals, Brexit bill, Philip Hammond and Russian hacking

Posted On: 
16th December 2016

Here is a summary of this morning's Lobby briefing for journalists by a spokesman for the Prime Minister.



On the Prime Minister raising the issue of reciprocal arrangements for UK and EU citizens post-Brexit at last night's EU summit, the spokesman said: "We are keen to see the issue of citizens rights both here in the UK and across the other 27 member states resolved soon. We have been very clear that we will extend those rights to EU citizens here as long as we have reciprocal arrangements with the rest of the EU. It will be part of the negotiation process and we'd like that to be one of the early issues to be addressed."



On reports that Britain may have to pay £50bn to the EU to cover its financial commitments even after it leaves, the ...