Chris Grayling: Tories will legislate for British Bill of Rights 'soon'

Posted On: 
19th May 2016

Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling told the BBC's Daily Politics the Government did plan to legislate for a British Bill of Rights. 

"I’m expecting legislation to come forward soon - we are going to go through a process of consultation first. There are issues that need to be addressed, discussions need to happen, but we do intend to legislate and we do intend to legislate in the not too distant future. But we have always said the consultation is the first part of the process."

He argued it was "a myth" he had introduced a controversial ban on prisoners receiving books. 

"No I didn’t. That’s a myth; it never happened."

And he was made to defend his record as Justice Secretary more generally.

"I pursued a system of trying to provide much better support for people through the gate when they left prison. What I did was continuing a proce...