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7th October 2017

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Anastasia Zawierucha


Episode 81 (13 December) Breaking: The Government 

This week Westminster descended into fresh chaos as Theresa May fought and won a challenge against her leadership. And Brexit stalled once again as the government cancelled its meaningful vote in the face of almost certain defeat. We talk through all the twists and turns and hear what went down inside Committee Room 14 room when it was revealed that the PM had clung onto her job. 


Episode 80 (7 December) Winter Of This Contempt

Every story in Westminster was weird this week, with the Government found in contempt by MPs and hoping to spin a 40-strong defeat on Brexit into some kind of deranged victory. Meanwhile, the chief whip went out on a limb and allowed TV cameras into his office to capture him failing to talk hostile pro-Brexit MPs round to Theresa May's EU deal. Oh, and Ukip continued to disintegrate. PLUS: In an audio exclusive for the PolHome podcast, we hear ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis tell the House Magazine about *that* photo with Michel Barnier. We also hear an amusing after-dinner anecdote from former PM Tony Blair.




Episode 79 (23 November) Carry on Brexiting 

This week it’s all about Brexit (again!) as we dissect the latest developments around Britain’s biggest political issue. UK in a Changing Europe director, Anand Menon, joins us to explain the economic implications of it all. And we hear from Justice Minister Rory Stewart on why he would be uncomfortable serving under Prime Minister Boris.  


Episode 78 (23 November) A Brexit Feast: Waffle From Brussels

Theresa May finally found that last piece of her Brexit jigsaw puzzle - the future trade road-map between Britain and the EU. But the so-called political declaration does not appear to have made anyone in her party any happier. Can the Prime Minister survive the Commons vote on her deal? Will the DUP bring the Government down beforehand? Where was Jeremy Corbyn when his child poverty amendment was voted on? PLUS exclusive interviews from the House Magazine with Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer. Read those here.


Episode 77 (16 November) Mayday, Mayday

Two Cabinet resignations, calls for a vote of no confidence in Theresa May and a 585-page draft Brexit deal that's left Westminster in tailspin. Just another totally normal week in politics for PoliticsHome editor Kevin Schofield, chief reporter Emilio Casalicchio and news editor Matt Foster to chew over. Why exactly did the PM's top ministers storm out? Will she be ousted? What now for hopes of leaving the European Union? All this and more PLUS your burning questions and shocking revelations about cheese.


Episode 76 (8 November) Banks in Crisis  

While Parliament was suspended for a brief recess this week, Brexit bargaining continued with time running out for Theresa May to get her deal finalised. Meanwhile, a fresh Brexit scandal was brewing as Leave.EU chief Arron Banks faced allegations of misconduct over his role in the referendum. We discuss all this and more, and we hear from former chief secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne about the time he spent with ex-head of the civil service Sir Jeremy Heywood, who sadly passed away over the weekend.  


Episode 75 (1 November) Over Budget 

This week was all about the Budget as Philip Hammond turned on the spending taps, pouring fresh cash into drought-hit departments. But he couldn’t avoid a bit of splashback, as teachers took umbrage at getting money for “little extras” and Labour accused him of breaking his end-of-austerity pledge. We unpick the implications of the biggest fiscal event of the year with Helen Thomas, a former adviser to Hammond's predecessor George Osborne.


Episode 74 (25 October): United at home 

Theresa May managed to buy herself a bit more time this week as she faced down her critics at the 1922 committee meeting of Conservative MPs. Attendees pouring into the corridor afterwards declared that “unity had broken out” – if only it was that easy to win over EU negotiators. We discuss all that and more with the House Magazine’s Political Editor Seb Whale and the Yorkshire Post’s Westminster Correspondent Arj Singh. We also hear from Tory MPs Amber Rudd and Michael Fabricant, who give their post-match analysis on the Prime Minister’s 1922 performance.  


Episode 66 (30 August) Podcast Special: House of Fun

Podcast listeners might not believe it but MPs are real people too. In a special episode to welcome them back to parliament, PolHome talks to five about their favourite hobbies.

You will hear: Thangam Debbonaire (Labour) talk about her love of playing the cello and give an exclusive performance of the Sarabande from Bach's 1st cello suite; Alex Sobel (Labour) discuss his favourite video games and reveal how many hours he plays per week; Victoria Prentis (Tory) explain what reeling is and how to do it yourself; Jamie Stone (Lib Dem) reliving his performance as a panto dame in Jack and the Beanstalk; and Mark Prisk (Tory) singing the praises of the parliament choir.


Episode 65 (23 August) Podcast Special: The Deaths That Don't Count  

In February this year a 35-year-old man died on the doorstep of Parliament. But journalists following up on the story found that there were no official figures recording how many homeless people die on our streets. In this special episode of the PoliticsHome podcast I speak to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Housing minister Nigel Adams about what can be done to end homelessness in Britain. And I talk to the journalists who are compiling their own estimates on the deaths of rough sleepers.