Labour ask Cabinet Secretary to investigate whether May aide broke lobbying rules

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2nd August 2016

Labour have written to the Cabinet Secretary calling for an investigation into whether Theresa May’s chief of staff broke rules on former advisers lobbying government.

Labour are urging Sir Jeremy Heywood to look into whether Fiona Hill broke lobbying rules

The Times revealed yesterday that Fiona Hill did not tell Whitehall officials she had taken a job with lobbying firm Lexington Communications after she stepped down as an adviser to Mrs May at the Home Office.

Under transparency rules all former ministers and advisers must get permission to take any job that could conceivably see them benefit from their time in government.

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Labour have now asked Sir Jeremy Heywood asking him to set out which rules Ms Hill had broken, whether she breached her government contract and who her clients were at Lexington.

The shadow minister for the civil service, Louise Haigh, argued there was a wider problem with the amount of information included on the lobbying register, introduced under the coalition government.

“Due to the very weak nature of the lobbying register we have no information on the clients [Ms Hill] has personally advocated for over the last year and what interests she may have been representing,” she wrote to Sir Jeremy.

The party’s deputy leader Tom Watson also raised concerns, saying:

“This is much more serious than David Cameron handing out honours as it concerns someone who is at the heart of government right now.”