Government makes changes to Universal Credit payments for some disabled people

Posted On: 
8th June 2018

Scope has responded to an announcement by the Government today that it is making changes to Universal Credit which will affect some disabled people

The move will help some of those who have lost a vital financial premium called the Severe Disability Premium, worth more than £3,000 a year. Premiums are payments which help to cover the extra costs which disabled people face.
However despite the announcement, there remain huge numbers of disabled people who face losing other crucial premiums.
James Taylor, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at disability charity Scope, said:

“Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction, and something Scope has been campaigning for. However more needs to be done to address the loss of financial support from other premiums for many disabled people.

“These premiums are not a luxury – many disabled people rely on financial support for basic needs such as food, clothing and heating.

“The loss of these crucial payments is disastrous for many disabled people. Until the Government properly addresses this, disabled people will continue to be unfairly penalised as they move over to Universal Credit.”