Transgender people face ‘high levels of transphobia’ - report

Posted On: 
14th January 2016

Transgender people in Britain face “high levels of transphobia" on a daily basis and there is a “long way to go” before equality is reached, a report by MPs has concluded.

The Women and Equalities Committee criticised the NHS’s approach to transgender people, saying there is evidence of "serious deficiencies in the quality and capacity of NHS gender identity services”.

It urged for a root and branch review of NHS’s transgender services before the summer. The report warned there was existing plans from 2011 that remained unimplemented.



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The report said: “GPs too often lack understanding and in some cases this leads to appropriate care not being provided.”

It estimated that 650,000 people in the UK are "gender incongruent to some degree" and the treatment they receive undermines their careers, incomes, living standards and mental and physical health.

Among the report’s recommendations were calls for a reduction from 18 to 16 in the age limit for obtaining official recognition of a new gender without parents’ consent abd mandatory training for police officers on transphobic hate crimes.

It also called for the extension of hate crime laws to cover gender identity; and more training for school staff to better support "gender-variant" young people.

Maria Miller, the committee chairwoman, said: “Our report challenges attitudes towards trans people, calling for them to be treated equally and fairly. Media coverage of transgender issues has improved a great deal in recent years, but it still tends to focus on transgender celebrities.

“There is a stark contrast with the day-to-day experiences of many ordinary individual trans people, who still endure routine hostility and discrimination.”