84-day welfare rule to be repealed in Scotland - SNP

Posted On: 
22nd September 2015

Scottish parents of disabled or seriously ill children who have to spend long periods of time in hospital will no longer lose their benefits, the SNP has announced.

The party branded the current ’84-day-rule’, which stops families from receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Carer’s Allowance payments after their child has been in hospital for 84 days or longer, as “an absolute disgrace”.

Once new welfare powers are devolved from Westminster to Holyrood, the Scottish parliament will repeal the rule, the SNP said.

Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil argued the policy resulted in a “horrendous experience” for families, and said Scottish ministers were taking action as a “matter of principle”.

“It is an absolute disgrace that a family already going through the distress and pain of visiting their seriously ill child in hospital every day should be financially penalised,” he added.

The UK Government is currently reviewing the policy.