Andy Burnham plans commission for graduate tax and 'care levy'

Posted On: 
28th July 2015

Andy Burnham wants to set up a commission to look into scrapping tuition fees, introducing an NHS-style social care system, and new ways to fund housebuilding. 

In a speech this evening, the Labour leadership hopeful is expected to compare his proposed panel to the commission headed by William Beveridge which developed many of the ideas which became the post-war welfare state.

Mr Burnham will ask the commission to develop financially viable solutions to introduce a graduate tax rather than tuition fees and to introduce a ‘care levy’, which would see people pay for their social care through a tax on their estates after they die.

According to the LabourList website, Mr Burnham will say: “I will appoint a Beveridge-style Commission as Leader of the Opposition.

"It will consider moving away from tuition fees and towards a universal graduate tax model for young people on both the academic and technical routes. It will look at new ways of paying for housing to get people on the housing ladder. And it will consider the options of paying for social care, including a new care levy...

“I will establish a broad-based, inclusive commission because I want to build a new social consensus about how as a society we pay for these crucial things.

“But I also want to ensure that each of them is underpinned by a credible financial plan. Labour will not return to Government if people think we are cavalier about the deficit or the public finances. It is no good promising the earth if we are not clear with people how things will be paid for.”