Jeremy Corbyn pledges to 'renationalise' NHS and scrap PFI deals

Posted On: 
24th August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will today pledge to “renationalise” the NHS by working to remove all private sector involvement in the health service.

Jeremy Corbyn will set out his plans for the NHS later today

The Labour leader will outline plans to end the Private Finance Initiative contracts brought in to build hospitals when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in office.

He will also promise to restore bursaries for student nurses which have been scrapped by the Government.

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"The next Labour government would go further than reversing Tory cuts – it would deliver a modern health and social care service that is fully publicly provided and fully publicly funded," he will tell an audience at University College Hospital in central London.

On plans to scrap PFI contracts, he will say:

“PFI continues to take money away from patient care while job and bursary cuts have crippled the NHS and disproportionately hit women who make up 77% of NHS staff.

“The Labour government I lead will ensure that money goes to patients not contractors, and that our NHS is given the resources to provide a top quality service as part of a program to rebuild and transform Britain so that no-one and no community is left behind.”