George Osborne: Nigel Farage's immigration poster has 'echoes' of the Nazis

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19th June 2016

George Osborne has compared Nigel Farage’s controversial anti-immigration poster to Nazi propaganda.

Nigel Farage unveiled the poster in London on Thursday morning
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The Ukip leader unveiled a picture of refugees fleeing the war in Syria alongside the slogan ‘Breaking Point – The EU has failed us all’.

The image was taken on the Slovenian border last October and was condemned by pro-EU campaigners as “the politics of the gutter”.

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Justice Secretary Mr Gove, who, like Mr Farage, is backing a Brexit vote, told the Andrew Marr Show he “shuddered” when he saw the poster.

Mr Osborne, meanwhile, launched a furious attack on the poster during an appearance on ITVs Peston on Sunday.

He said: “I think there is a difference between addressing those concerns [about immigration] in a reasonable way and whipping up concerns, whipping up division, making baseless assertions that millions of people are going to come into the country in the next couple of years from Turkey, or saying that dead bodies are going to wash up on the beaches of Kent – or, indeed, putting up that disgusting and vile poster that Nigel Farage did which had echoes of literature used in the 1930s.

“That is what we should say no to and this referendum vote is a vote on the kind of Britain we want.”

Speaking earlier, Mr Gove said: “When I saw that poster I shuddered. I thought it was the wrong thing to do.

“When I’ve had the opportunity to talk about migration during the course of this debate, I hope I’ve been very clear: I am pro-migration but I believe the way in which we secure public support for the continued benefits migration brings and the way in which we secure public support for helping refugees in need is if people feel they can control overall coming here.”

Mr Gove also defended the tenor of the Vote Leave campaign, however, which has made Turkey’s potential accession to the European Union one of its major themes.