Rape victims to be given option of video cross-examination

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19th March 2017

Rape victims are to have their court testimonies recorded in advance to avoid cross-examination in court, the Justice Secretary has announced.

Liz Truss has said the moves will make it easier for victims
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The option means survivors of sex crimes will still be questioned by defence lawyers, but will be spared the trauma of facing the court room.

The move from Liz Truss follows a series of successful pilot schemes mirroring the way victims of child abuse are recorded, where they felt less pressure and more able to recall events.

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The policy is among a series of reforms to the justice system, and is set to be rolled out from September of this year.

"Attitudes to sex crimes and victims have changed beyond all recognition in our lifetime, and rape prosecutions are now at record levels," Ms Truss said.

"With more victims now finding the confidence to come forward, I am determined to make their path to justice swifter and less traumatic.

"This will not reduce the right to a fair trial, but will make sure victims of these abhorrent crimes are protected and able provide their best possible evidence."