Bitesize Brexit: Deadlock or breakthrough? A three-part legal analysis of the options for Brexit

Posted On: 
14th January 2019

The Bar Council has published a three-part Youtube mini-series providing a legal analysis of the options for Brexit.

The mini-series features barrister and Brexit Working Group member Anneli Howard of Monckton Chambers.

Part 1: What are the Brexit options available and how do they sit with our ‘red lines’?

Part 2: What May’s deal delivers and why trade in services is important . . . or maybe not

Part 3: Why WTO terms are not an easy ‘no-deal’ option and why EU rules might still matter

[Each clip is under 2 minutes 20 seconds.]

  • In Part 1, Anneli Howard’s clear and insightful analysis explains what options are available to Parliament if the Prime Minister’s deal is rejected, and how they sit with the ‘red lines’ set by the Government.
  • Part 2 goes on to explain why May’s deal is in some ways an impressive achievement, despite the lack of agreement on trade in services, but questions if economic considerations are all that matter.
  • But there is a warning in Part 3 for those who think that falling back on WTO terms will be an easy fall-back position if we leave with no deal; it won’t.