Theresa May: Drivers who kill while using mobiles should face tougher penalties

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9th November 2016

Theresa May has called for tougher penalties to be imposed on motorists who kill or seriously injure others while using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Theresa May wants tougher sentences for motorists who kill while using their mobiles
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The Prime Minister said the Government will launch a consultation before the end of the year with the aim of making sure that "the sentence should fit the crime".

She said harsher sentences would help to make using a phone while driving as "socially unacceptable" as getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Government to double penalties for drivers using mobile phones

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£150 fines for drivers caught using their mobile phones

Ministers have already announced that from next year, the penalties for drivers caught using their mobiles will double to a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

Speaking at the end of her trip to India, Mrs May said: "Sadly we have seen too many times the devastating and heart-breaking consequences of using a mobile phone while driving. A moment’s distraction can wreck the lives of others forever.

“We are determined to make our roads safer by taking action against those who flout the law and put other people at risk. That’s why we are doubling the penalties for using a mobile while driving, with tougher measures due to take effect next year.

“We will also launch a consultation on dangerous driving offences by the end of the year. The sentence should fit the crime for those who kill or seriously injure on our roads and it should deter other drivers from causing needless harm just for the sake of taking a call or sending a text."

She added: “Ultimately though, we need to work with the public to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving. 

"Just as we have made it socially unacceptable to drink and drive, so we need to do the same with using a mobile phone while driving. 

"We need people to realise the tragedy they can inflict in a fleeting moment and stop people using a mobile when their eyes and mind should be on the road and their hands on the wheel."