Tim Loughton: Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe should apologise for Met handling of Lord Bramall and Lord Brittan cases

Posted On: 
8th February 2016

Tim Loughton, a Tory MP and member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, told the Today programme Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe should apologise for the investigations into allegations of child sex abuse against Lord Bramall and Lord Brittan.

“It’s not a question of him keeping his job; it’s a question of him doing the right thing. And clearly these investigations have not been handled well and they are now becoming the whole story. And an apology is due and the quicker he makes that apology to the widow of Lord Brittan and to Lord Bramall I think the less face he will have lost in this whole process.

“I’m not going to comment on whether he should have an extension of his contract, that is a matter for the Mayor and the Home Secretary. What I’m concerned about is that justice is not being fairly metered out here. And there’s a bigger concern beyond just the apologies that I think are due, and that’s the fact that this year the po...